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By 9Fs5Ym On July 24th, 2017

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New Bikini, New diet

Its actually heating up outside and Frankie is trying to fit into that tiny new bikini the first day that the seashore is opened.

She is planning on happening a Weight Loss Plan and would like a few hints for her deliberate bikini food plan.

Those weight loss plan recommendations can assist in getting Frankie into that new bikini:

Mild exercise & activities that is enjoyable

Exercising faithfully during the Bikini Diet Plan to lessen threat of pores and skin sag once the weight is long past. Pastime works to tone the frame whilst the weight drops off in order that Dieter Frankie will actually heat up that bikini.

Placing practicable fitness dreams

Frankie must set attainable weight loss desires. She has to plan to lose about 2 pounds per week, that’s taken into consideration a safe rate of weight reduction.

While the dieter sees they’re making development towards their weight loss goals, it gives them a food plan-motivation excessive. If Frankie desires to lose 15 pounds to healthy into her bikini body diet plan, she must attain that purpose in about 6 to 8 weeks.

Any other food regimen tip is to break down numbers into their smallest shape. as opposed to questioning ” 6 to 8 weeks” suppose ” a little over a month OR approximately months’. One or two sounds so much higher than six or eight months.

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Its actually heating up outside and Frankie is trying to fit into that tiny new bikini the first day that the seashore is opened.

She is planning on happening a Weight Loss Plan and would like a few hints for her deliberate bikini food plan.

Hydration for excellent health even as weight-reduction plan

drinking lots of water will keep the frame hydrated, feed the skin, and will just make Frankie sense better so that once her Bikini Weight Loss Plan is executed, she’ll now not handiest appearance first-rate, she’ll sense first-rate.

Exercising faithfully during the Bikini Diet Plan to lessen threat of pores and skin sag once the weight is long past. Pastime works to tone the frame whilst the weight drops off in order that Dieter Frankie will actually heat up that bikini.

The importance of healthy Snacks

Selecting wholesome snacks also can help Frankie in achieving weight loss achievement. While cookies, candy and pastry are tasty, fresh fruit packs necessary vitamins that she wishes – especially to maintain the frame inside the healthiest shape it is able to be in while weight-reduction plan.

Bikini weight loss program Meal Plan Full Download

Frankie’s every day menu may appearance something like this:

Breakfast Menu:

1 serving of whole grain cereal

Half cup of low fats milk

1 cup of strawberries

Mid-Morning Snack: 1 fresh pea

Lunch Menu:

Sandwich prepared with complete grain bread, clean vegetables, low fat cheese and lean meat.

One serving of low fats cottage cheese.

One cup of low fats milk.

Mid-Afternoon Snack: 1 small apple

Dinner Menu:

Three oz. of grilled or oven roasted salmon sprinkled with lemon pepper and clean dill

1 cup of brown rice

1 cup of green beans

Half cup of carrots

One whole grain roll

Glass of unsweetened tea

Bedtime Snack: 1 small banana

About the Author: Lisa Smith is a health worker and working on Body Fat Diminisher System Healthy Diet Weight Loss Plan By Wesley Virgin.


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German retail giant Rewe to open Penny Market stores in Romania

German retail giant Rewe to open Penny Market stores in Romania
By 9Fs5Ym On July 24th, 2017

Wednesday, March 30, 2005 German retail corporation Rewe plans to open several Penny Market discount stores in Romania in the middle of this year. Rewe is mainly interested in opening stores in cities such as Ploie?ti, Câmpina, Tecuci, Foc?ani, One?ti, Craiova, Caracal, Constan?a, Medgidia, Alexandria and Ro?iori de Vede. Most of these cities have populations of below 100,000 people, and Rewe is hoping to take advantage of a market that has not been highly tapped into, since most of Romania’s larger cities, such as Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca and Ia?i, already have multiple large supermarkets and discount stores.

Rewe also announced that, over the next few years, it intends to open a total of 50 Penny Market and XXL Mega Stores in Romania. Rewe already operates 14 several highly-successful Billa supermarkets throughout Romania, mainly in large cities, as well as 8 Selgros stores. Rewe has previously made announcements that it wishes to expand its Billa and Selgros brands more extensively. The total value of the company’s investment in Romania is around 200 million euro.

Romania is currently going through a retail boom, especially in the supermarket and discount stores area. Large corporations such as Rewe and Carrefour have established very successful branches in Romania, and other retail giants such as Tesco and WalMart have announced their intention to enter the Romanian market, which is the largest in Southeastern Europe.

The mini MAX discount company said it would open three stores in Romania, in April-May of this year, in the cities of Slatina, Târgovi?te and Urziceni. It plans to open up to 100 stores until the year 2010. Meanwhile, Tengelmann, Rewe’s rival, said it would invest 200 million euro in Romania to open 120 supermarkets in the next five years.

EU deems UK privacy laws inadequate, takes legal action

EU deems UK privacy laws inadequate, takes legal action
By 9Fs5Ym On July 24th, 2017

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The European Union has warned the UK government that it does not do enough to protect its citizens’ online privacy and personal data. Now the EU has moved to the next stage of legal action, which could see Britain taken to court.

The warning follows complaints over the Phorm company’s targeted advertising system. The controversial technology is designed to track the activities of internet users, and was tested on some BT customers without their consent. Campaigners complained to various bodies including the UK’s data protection agency, and the communications regulator Ofcom. No action was taken. The City of London police began an investigation, but this was soon dropped.

People’s privacy and the integrity of their personal data in the digital world is not only an important matter: it is a fundamental right

The EU Commission formally warned Britain that it was not meeting EU rules in April. Other countries that have been warned include Germany, Poland and Romania. However, last week the Commission moved onto the second stage of the infringement procedure against the UK, with a letter to the government.

The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) has been particularly criticised by the Commission for its weak definition of “consent” and its limited sanctions. The Commission also found that there was no independent body to oversee and hear complaints about communications interception. Overall, the letter says that the UK fails to comply with the EU’s Data Protection Directive and e-Privacy Directive.

“People’s privacy and the integrity of their personal data in the digital world is not only an important matter: it is a fundamental right, protected by European law,” the EU’s Information Commissioner Viviane Reding said in a statement on Thursday. “I therefore call on the UK authorities to change their national laws to ensure that British citizens fully benefit from the safeguards set out in EU law concerning confidentiality of electronic communications.”

The Home Office confirmed that it had received the letter, but has so far not responded. Ministers said that they would reply to the letter after they have taken some time to consider it. The Home Office has two months to reply, and if the Commission is not satisfied with the response, then Britain could face charges in the European Court of Justice.

Hurricane Maria forms in Atlantic

Hurricane Maria forms in Atlantic
By 9Fs5Ym On July 23rd, 2017

Sunday, September 4, 2005

Tropical storm Maria intensified and became the season’s fifth hurricane on Sunday, September 4. The hurricane is currently growing stronger in the warm waters of the open Atlantic Ocean.

According to MSNBC News, at 5 AM EDT the hurricane had a maximum sustained wind of 75 MPH, which barely qualifies for category 1 hurricane status, and was centered 256 miles southeast of Bermuda. Currently it is moving north-northwest and is predicted to turn northward late Sunday or early Monday. Hurricane specialist Stacy Stewart believes that should the hurricane continue on its predicted route, “Maria should remain well to the east of Bermuda and only pose a threat to shipping interests.”

This hurricane does not appear to pose a threat comparable to the current major US disaster, Hurricane Katrina, as it is expected to move soon into cooler Atlantic waters, which will sap much of its strength.

Maria is the 13th named storm of the hurricane season, far surpassing the typical 4 or 5 named storms at this time of year. The season runs from June 1 to November 30.

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Cell Phone Lockers

By 9Fs5Ym On July 21st, 2017

By Patricia Holland

As cell phones have become increasingly widespread and sophisticated, the importance of cell phone lockers has risen accordingly. Not only are the newer, Internet capable smart phones still a very hot item for thieves, but cell phone abuse poses a genuine threat to work ethic, education, and even security in many organizations.

Therefore, it is necessary to contain these ubiquitous devices in cell phone storage lockers to prevent them from equally tempting both owners and thieves.

Cell phone storage lockers can either mount on top of a shelf or surface mount to a wall. In reality, they can be used to store far more than cell phones. Many places use them to give their clients or employees places to store keys, wallets, cameras, tablet PCs, and jewelry.

Cell phone lockers are constructed of aluminum and come in five configurations. Users access the locker compartment by entering a combination. Managers can access compartments with master keys that can override the combination locks.

YouTube Preview Image

High traffic organizations such as public gymnasiums can better serve their clients by providing them with a place to store their cell phones and personal valuables. This extra bit of security can be good advertising for the organization and lead to new memberships.

Cell phone storage lockers serve an even more serious function in government buildings. Regardless of the level of government we are talking about, some information just does not need to be released to the public. There is too much opportunity for wireless devices to be used in leaking information for government agencies to take a chance on. Cell phone storage lockers are a security must for these buildings, particularly in the higher levels of Federal government

Office buildings are investing in cell phone lockers to protect their production. Ever since people had phones on their desks, there has been abuse of company time going on in the form of personal conversations. Then email came along and made such communication silent and more difficult to monitor. Now texting on tiny keypads is even more under the radar than any of the aboveand more of a threat to work ethic and general productivity.

The solution is to tap the phone, monitor email, and to lock the cell phone up in a cell phone storage locker. It wont go anywhere, and it wont cost the company any more money once the locker is paid for.

It is for similar reasons now that schools are beginning to put cell phone lockers in every classroom. This is because most students bring cell phones to school. Like their parents, they insist that they must have the phone with them at all times for emergencies. Like their parents, they end up texting more than paying attention to what is in front of them.

It saves the student a great deal of lost learning time, and it saves the school a great deal of hassle in confiscating the phone, to simply put the phone in a locker and let the student take it with him or her when the bell rings.


It is clear from all of this that cell phones often require management beyond that of the actual user. Cell phone lockers are the most practical means of regulating these devices and for keeping them safe from theft and damage.

About the Author:

XPB Locker

. Read more about

Cell Phone Lockers.metal lockers.cell phone storage lockers.


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Wikinews interviews specialists on China, Iran, Russia support for al-Assad

Wikinews interviews specialists on China, Iran, Russia support for al-Assad
By 9Fs5Ym On July 21st, 2017

Monday, September 23, 2013

Over the past week, diplomatic actions have averted — or, at least delayed — military strikes on Syria by the United States. Wikinews sought input from a range of international experts on the situation; and, the tensions caused by Russia’s support for the al-Assad regime despite its apparent use of chemical weapons.


  • 1 Interviewees
  • 2 Wikinews Q&A
    • 2.1 China
    • 2.2 Iran
    • 2.3 Russia
  • 3 Related news

File:Ghouta chemical attack map.svg

Tensions in the country increased dramatically, late August when it was reported between 100 and 1,300 people were killed in an alleged chemical attack. Many of those killed appeared to be children, with some of the pictures and video coming out of the country showing — according to witnesses — those who died from apparent suffocation; some foaming at the mouth, others having convulsions.

Amongst Syria’s few remaining allies, Iran, China, and Russia continue to oppose calls for military intervention. In an effort to provide a better-understanding of the reasoning behind their ongoing support, the following people were posed a range of questions.

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Former White House press secretary Robert Gibbs may work for Facebook

Former White House press secretary Robert Gibbs may work for Facebook
By 9Fs5Ym On July 21st, 2017

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Robert Gibbs, the former press secretary for the U.S. White House, has been said to be in talks with Facebook about possible future employment as a manager for the communications aspect of the company.

According to an anonymous source close to the company, Gibbs is being pressed to quickly accept the job, in which Mr. Gibbs may receive millions of dollars in both salary and initial stock options for a planned public offering of Facebook Inc. in 2012.

Both Facebook and Gibbs have declined to comment.

Mr. Gibbs, who has worked for the Obama administration for two years, left in February 2011, and was reportedly “relaxing” and had denied rumors that he was planning to campaign for chairman of the Democratic National Committee if Tim Kaine were to leave the committee to run for a position in the senate.

In recent months, Facebook has stepped up lobbying the US capital to communicate its public image to policy makers, and may use Gibbs for their public relations stratagem in the future.

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Best Ways To Keep Visitors Coming Back To Your Site

By 9Fs5Ym On July 14th, 2017

By Matilda French

Getting visitors to your site is a challenge in itself. Getting visitors to keep returning to your site is even more challenging. There are different strategies that you can use to keep visitors interested in coming back to your site. The more new visitors and repeat visitors you can get to your site will determine the amount of money that your site will generate. Here are a few things that you can add to your site to ensure that your visitors keep coming back.

Lists that Provide ‘Top Ten’

Create blog posts that list the top ten of something. The topics of these top ten lists will depend on the topic of your blog or site. If you have a weight loss site then you may want to create a blog post called ‘Top Ten Ways to get a Six-pack.’ If your site concentrates on home loans then you may want to create a post called ‘Top Ten Ways to get the Loan you Need.’ This type of post is valuable to a reader. Posting multiple top ten posts on different topics will keep readers coming back to see if you have posted new ones.

Review Niche Specific Products

YouTube Preview Image

Everyone wants to know about a product before purchasing it. The best way to find information on products is through searching for product reviews. If you have a bunch of product reviews on your site, associated to your niche, consumers will rely on you to provide information on products they want to buy. This will force visitors to keep coming back for new information on new products.

Get the Debate Started

Interesting and controversial blog posts can create dialogue on your site. Get your visitors to communicate through commenting on your site. The buzz created by a controversial post can make the post become popular all over the web. People debating about your site will keep them checking back in for updates and the next controversial post.

Give Your Visitors Something for Free

These days everyone wants to sell their knowledge for a price. To tell you the truth, website visitors are tired of having to buy something just to get some valuable information. Spoil your visitors by giving them something for free. Create blog posts will valuable information that no one else would give away. Once a visitor knows they got something for free they will come back for me. Guests will check in daily to see if there is anything new that would benefit them.

Respond to the Conversations of your Visitors

If you see that one of your posts created a lot of buzz and opinions then take advantage. Choose the opposite side of the debate and then create a post discussing it. This will once again create a whole other wave of buzz. Visitors will be excited and it will keep them coming back looking for updates on the debate.

These are just a few ways to get your blog or website more traffic and repeat visitors. Once you catch the attention of a visitor you will have them visiting for a long time to come!

About the Author: Matilda French regularly writes for TIR Massage Stone, the leading hot stone massage supplies provider. They carry products for

hot stone massage

such as

massage rocks

, as well as many other many other accessories for hot stone therapy.


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Gliders defeat USA in 2012 Paralympic semifinals

Gliders defeat USA in 2012 Paralympic semifinals
By 9Fs5Ym On July 14th, 2017

Saturday, September 8, 2012

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London, England — The Australian women’s national wheelchair basketball team, the Gliders, defeated the USA Thursday in a 40–39 thriller at the North Greenwich Arena.

This semifinal victory advances the Gliders into the final, where they are to meet the winner of the day’s match between the Netherlands and Germany. They are guaranteed at least silver. The Gliders won silver in Sydney in 2000 and Athens in 2004 and bronze in Beijing in 2008, but have never won the gold. The USA team is to meet the loser of that match to contest the bronze.

The Gliders’ quest for Paralympic gold medals began last week with a narrow 52–50 defeat of Brazil. The Aussies then crushed Great Britain 51–24. Australia had a loss to Canada 50–57, but bounced back to win against the Netherlands, 58–49. This advanced Australia to the quarter final, where the Gliders met and defeated Mexico 62–37.

Team USA started by defeating France 63–24 in its first game. It then lost to Germany, 54–48. It came back and defeated Mexico 67–33. Team USA came from 21 behind to defeat China in extra time, and played Canada and won in the quarter final 67–55.

The first quarter got off to an exciting start. USA had first possession and chalked up the first score. Kylie Gauchi responded quickly with a good shot, leveling the score. Then followed an exciting passage of play in which USA turned the ball over, but Clare Nott lost it on a bad pass. Shelly Chaplin then stole it back but Kylie Gauchi put it out of bounds. Clare Nott stole it back again, only to have Gauichi turn it over again. The USA took a shot at the basket from inside the paint, but missed. They then took a rebound and finally scored. A USA free throw extended their lead to 2–6. Thereafter both teams’ shooting was poor, and the score was only 10–12 at quarter time.

The second quarter started with Merritt scoring twice to give Australia the lead 14–12. A ferocious Australian defence saw USA’s style severely cramped, and they turned the ball over a number of times. They also took too long to move the ball forward. The crowd included the familiar block of Gliders fans in yellow T-shirts. They made their presence felt, chanting “Defence, Gliders, Defence!” whenever USA had the ball. Unfortunately, the Gliders’ poor shooting prevented them from fully capitalising on their superb defence, leaving the score tied at 26–26 at half time.

In the third quarter, an early goal by Kylie Gauchi from outside the paint gave the Gliders the lead. A series of steals gave the Gliders additional shots at goal, most of which missed, but USA had no answer to the Australian defence, with a series of timeouts and turnovers, and their shooting was even poorer. While the Australians relentlessly racked up point after point, taking a 32–26 lead, USA were unable to score at all until the last minute of the quarter. A hurried goal with seconds to go by Katie Hill saw the Gliders leading 38–28 at the last change.

In the fourth quarter, the Australian defence remained taut, but the shooting remained terrible. In the final accounting, Cobi Crispin only made 3 out of 10 shots, and Amber Merritt only 4 out of 16. The Glider’s most accurate shot turned out to be Clare Nott, who made four out of five attempts. Meanwhile, an increasingly desperate USA team pegged the Australians back to 40–39. Three timeouts were taken in the last minute. Fouls saw Merritt sent to the free throw line, but she missed both shots. The game went down to the last second, with USA missing a shot from inside the paint, before the shot clock ran out.

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News briefs:April 22, 2010

News briefs:April 22, 2010
By 9Fs5Ym On July 14th, 2017
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