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This is the first and foremost selling point of walk-in tubs: Safety!

With an endless barrage of traditional bathtubs on the market, acquiring a unit with very personalized safety features to meet a seniors mobility needs will set their savings back several thousand dollars, and thats because bathtub companies see certain safety design elements to be too expensive as they require a slightly different method of manufacturing.

Theres a reason why walk-in tubs have become synonymous with the term safety tubs as all models have safety design components that ensure a senior or handicapped war veteran never need help when its time to bathe privately.

The Key Safety Features of Walk In Tubs

To name a few important ones:

A low step-in height: Where traditional bathtubs have an average wall height of 10-12, safety tubs are accessed through a door that brings that entrance threshold down to 4-6


A leak-proof door: Based on a left or right door orientation to meet the users good hand, a door to the unit can either swing inwardly or outwardly based on the method of accessibility that they will be using. On top of that, most if not all companies brag about the limited lifetime coverage they have on the door seal, so you wont be worrying about leaks and hazards in your bathroom.

Wheelchair-accessibility: How a door opens will determine how effective the unit is in enabling wheelchair-bound users to enter. Units considerate of wheelchair users situate the built-in seat right at the foot of the door, allowing them to slide on sideways from seat to seat.

Safety bars: Of course, lateral access for wheelchair-bound seniors and veterans cant be possible without reliable and easy-to-reach safety bars. Already mounted on the units interior and sometimes on the rim, these bars are made to withstand your whole weight. Should you feel unsure about the amount of safety bars in place, you can always mount as many as you need on the walls surrounding your bathing enclosure.

A non-slip floor: Providing traction to the soles of your feet, the floor of a walk-in tub will always be treated with anti-slip solutions and textured floors to prevent bathroom accidents predominant among the senior population.

An ADA compliant seat: Averaging around 17 high, the built-in contoured seats of safety bathtubs are just as resistant to slipping as the floor.

Hygiene: Thanks to technological add-ons that come with most walk-in tubs, the unit is extremely easy and quick to clean when compared to the maintenance it takes to keep a traditional bathtub brand new.

Walk-in bathtubs achieve this by having an outer layer of bacteria-resistant gel coat that fights bacterial formation, others have purge system motors built-in with massage units to keep the lines of air injectors and water jets clear from settled water that promotes mold growth, and most units include both forms of combating bacteria and harmful microorganisms.

Emergency switch: No design is perfect, and sometimes we have to prepare for the worst before it occurs. In the event of an accidental drowning, emergency switches and release gates are put in place to save a life. Walk-in bathtubs include these extra safety measures in the form of a push-button mechanism near the drain, or a release-door handle. Just make sure you read the instructions on the manual to know where that specific models emergency switch is. Whether the button near the drain is pushed to drain the water in less than a minute, or the emergency handle is pulled to release the door, both methods empty the tub fast enough for a quick rescue.

Search and learn more from Google on why walk-in tubs are safe, and browse sources of information like SeniorTubs.com (https://seniortubs.com/safety/why-walk-in-tubs-are-safe) for wheelchair-accessible models and the like.

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