Provincial Bedroom Suite Contemporary Design With A Timeless Appeal}

By 9Fs5Ym On June 8th, 2017

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In this day and age, old is new and every modern design can be taken a step further with antiques or antique-inspired designs and pieces. Nothing says “charming”, like mixing classic concepts into the present-day home and creating a space that exudes a different and extraordinary style. The best place to achieve the perfect is in one’s bedroom. Who says your bedroom should only be for sleeping and nothing else? Why can’t you make a statement without sticking to one theme? Enjoy the end of your day in a room that’s for duty AND for beauty. It’s time to think about what you’ll see when you wake up and start your day in extravagance and comfort. Your bedroom is the best place to play with different combinations, colors and much more!

What better way to exhibit the meeting of two eras than with a French Provincial Bedroom Suite?

Why a French Provincial Bedroom Suite?

Think of this bedroom suite as a new take on the french homes once owned by provincial aristocrats (as the name suggests) before the 19th century. The decorations and ornaments were slightly less lavish than those of the wealthy but are still rich in both design compositions and colors. Why not recreate the abundant feel of France in your bedroom?

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Best Features include the choice of:


The color schemes often that time consist of simple pastel colors that can easily be matched with contemporary neutral colors or used to soften bolder color choices.


Enjoy warm and soothing fabrics such as woven wool, linen, and cotton with embroidered accents and designs along pieces such as pillows and other upholstered items. Bring different dimensions into your bedroom with the textures with these natural fibers in softened colors.


As much of the furniture in that era was handmade during this period, great quality bed frames, along with other furniture had a crafty and urban style with glamorous curves carved and etched for a beautiful piece. Wooden pieces and bronze/brass features will help to recreate the French looks for your room while blending in with other possible contemporary wooden pieces.

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Enjoy the end of your day in a room that’s for duty AND for beauty. It’s time to think about what you’ll see when you wake up and start your day in extravagance and comfort.Before, you settle for any old bed and any design, consider the perfect meeting between old and new and add a Provincial Bedroom Suite and escape to an old French abode every night.

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