EyeBuyDirect Review – Are They Quality Glasses?

Everyone who wears glasses knows that they’re super expensive. However, when you see a cheaper option, you’re often skeptical of the quality and legitimacy. That’s how I felt about most online glasses services. 

However, I recently needed a new pair of glasses and was recommended EyeBuyDirect by a coworker. She’s the type of person who has a different pair of glasses for every outfit, and I was curious how she could afford it, as I had paid almost $200 for my most recent pair of glasses. Just a note – this EyeBuyDirect review isn’t sponsored, so everything you read is my honest opinion.


First of all, EyeBuyDirect has a ton of different frame styles. I was a little overwhelmed at first because I mostly go for simple styles, so I took their quiz and looked through the recommended frames. I ended up picking out the Denny model and using the “Try On” feature to see how they looked on my face.

In retrospect, the glasses were a little smaller in the viewer than they ended up being on my face in real life, although they weren’t oversized or anything like that. However, if you’re looking at a bigger design they may end up being too big.


Setting up your lenses is really simple as long as you have your prescription handy. You’ll also need your pupillary distance, or PD, to make sure your glasses fit properly. I had just gone to the eye doctor for a new prescription and I knew ahead of time to ask for my PD, as they don’t normally give you that information. If you don’t have current numbers on hand it may be a good time to revisit the doctor.

Fair warning, EyeBuyDirect has a lot of upsells for their lenses, including for bifocals and Progressive lenses. If you want sunglasses, blue light blocking glasses, or any other extras, be prepared to pay for it.

Shipping and Arrival

I ordered one pair of glasses to start, and they arrived in about a week and a half. The glasses come in a really nice looking box, and inside the box is a pouch with your glasses and a screwdriver. I was very pleased with my glasses, but something seemed off. After reviewing my order, I realized I had made a typo in my PD! 

I’m very fortunate that I ended up buying from EyeBuyDirect because they have a 14-day guarantee that allowed me to send the glasses back and get a replacement for free. This took a further two weeks, but it was worth the wait to have glasses that fit properly.

Durability and Fit

The glasses are very lightweight, which I enjoy, but if you’re used to heavier glasses it may throw you off. They also have a faint plastic smell at first, although that went away fairly quickly. So far they’ve held up great with no issues, and they fit really well and don’t slide off my face.

Final EyeBuyDirect Review

I would definitely say that EyeBuyDirect is worth it. I will say that they aren’t the cheapest place out there, especially if they get you with the upsells, so if paying the absolute lowest price is a necessity for you, there are other sites. However, the glasses are really good quality and I personally will be buying another pair from them soon.

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