Firmoo Review – Are the Glasses Worth It?

Are you looking for new glasses but aren’t ready to drop hundreds of dollars to get unique designs? I was in the same place recently while looking for some blue light blocking glasses to wear at work. I found Firmoo through some quick Googling and was impressed by their reviews, so I took a chance and ordered my first pair of glasses online. Check out my Firmoo review below to find out what happened!

Frames Options

Firmoo has a huge variety of frames. This is initially what drew me to them, as most sites (especially when it comes to blue light blocking glasses) have only four or five options for frame designs, if that. Firmoo has pages upon pages of fun designs to suit all face types.

I decided to go with a thin frame, since I have a rounder face and thick glasses tend to make me look chubby. I made sure to use the “try on” option to test out a couple pairs before I ordered anything. It’s a little simplistic, but it was definitely helpful to make sure I wasn’t totally off in how the frames would look on me.

Lenses Types

For your prescription, you just enter or scan in the details and you’ll get the lenses with the glasses. There’s no obvious option for just getting the frames, but I’ve heard you can do that as well and get your lenses put in yourself.

However, I was actually more interested in the number of different non-prescription lenses. They have the blue light blocking glasses I was looking for, as well as photochromic transition lenses, sunglasses, and driving glasses.

Shipping Times and Costs

Shipping was very fast. I had seen on other reviews that people had gotten their glasses quickly, but I assumed this was just a fluke or a bonus for sponsored reviews. I expected that since they were shipping from overseas, they would take quite a while.

Nope! I live in the US, and my glasses arrived in a week with free shipping for orders over 39USD. (This means if you buy any add-ons or more than one pair of glasses, you’ll easily also get free shipping. A definite perk!)

Durability and Wear and Tear

So far, with daily use, me constantly taking them on and off, and lots of almost sitting on them, the glasses have held up great! They have loosened up a little bit, which ended up being a good thing because I ordered them slightly too small and they were a little tight.

If anything does happen, Firmoo includes a maintenance kit that includes some replacement parts and a screwdriver. I don’t think I’ll need to use it, but I kept it on hand just in case, and one friend has already made use of the screwdriver for her own glasses.

Final Firmoo Review

Overall, the selection is awesome and the process of buying the glasses is very simple. They offer a lot of add-ons, so if you’re budget-conscious just watch out for that. Still, it might be worth one or two extras to push your price point over the free shipping threshold.

I was very satisfied with how quickly they came, and when I wore them to work the next day, I got tons of compliments! People loved the frames and wanted to know where I had gotten such a cool pair of glasses. The verdict: definitely worth it.

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