How to get eyeglasses online to saving money?

Can you really get quality glasses online at an affordable price? If you are like me, you are probably pretty doubtful.

We have all been there before…We go into a high-end eyeglass store and they say they will give you quality glasses at a great price. By the time you finish with the upgrades, the $99 pair of glasses quickly turns into $300 or more. If you are like me, you never get the advertised price! So, when my friend told me I could get good glasses at a price of about $25-35 online, I was skeptical. But I trust my friend, so I figured it would not hurt to give them a try, the only thing you need to do is get your prescription from your doctor.

It was not a lot of money, so I chose some nice looking frames that have magnetic sunglasses that attach to the frame. When I got the glasses, about a week after I ordered them, I was surprised to see that the glasses fit perfectly and were way better quality than I was expecting for glasses that were so inexpensively priced. The lenses are very good quality; the sunglasses work even better than the ones I got at an expensive eyeglass store. Payne’s sunglasses even have less glare than my expensive ones. 

Although they are not Pierre Cardin or other tops of the line brands, for the price I paid, I am completely satisfied. Not only will I be ordering most of my glasses here from now on, but I will also tell my friends as well. 

I ordered my glasses from Payne which is a great eyeglass company, If you want a quality, lower cost pair of glasses, I personally suggest you check out Payne Glasses. Just get your prescription and go online. 

For Glasses without the pain of retail store gimmicks, check out Payne! 

Thanks for a great experience Payne Glasses!

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