Payne Glasses Review – The Cheapest Glasses Online?

I’ve gotten a lot more adventurous with my style lately, but the one thing I found it hard to branch out on was my glasses. After all, getting glasses from the doctor or the store is hugely expensive, and I wasn’t going to take a chance on a pair that I ended up hating. 

I actually had just bought a new pair of my same old frames when I came across an ad for Payne Glasses. After looking at their store, I was genuinely shocked by how many pairs of glasses they had for under $10, a price that includes prescription lenses. Before I go any further, I want to let you know that this Payne Glasses review isn’t sponsored in any way.

Frames Options

Payne Glasses has 30 options at the $5.95 price point for men, and over 50 for women. I have to admit that I kind of went nuts after I realized this and ended up buying six – yes, six – pairs of glasses in varying styles. I still ended up paying less than $50 for the whole cart.

I got as risky as I wanted with the colors and styles, but I didn’t choose any add-ons such as transition lenses or sunglasses as I don’t really need them. Those can add to the price, but Payne Glasses isn’t pushy at all with upselling you so I didn’t have a problem avoiding it.

Prescriptions and Lenses

Entering my prescription was very simple, and within minutes I had my glasses ready to go. They come standard with anti-reflective lenses, although you can upgrade to blue light blockers for $12.95. I was definitely tempted because I work at a computer all day, but ultimately I decided I didn’t want to invest too much.


My glasses arrived very quickly, especially for the size of my order. It took only a week and a half for them all to get made and sent to me. Each pair of glasses came in its own case with a cleaning cloth wrapped around it, so I’m good on cleaning cloths for the next few years. There were no damages to any of the glasses, which I was definitely worried about as they were shipping.


I have to admit that I’m surprised to say they’re actually good quality glasses. They’re all made of plastic, which makes them feel a little flimsy, but none of them have broken or scratched so far. At this point, I only wear two of the pairs, but both see use almost daily and have held up very well.

I had some small issues with the hinges on one of the pairs, but I have a glasses screwdriver at home and was able to fix the minor looseness in a minute or two. If that’s not something that bothers you, you probably won’t even notice any issues.

Final Payne Glasses Review

Ultimately, I would say that you should use Payne Glasses as an avenue to branch out in your style or if you tend to break or lose glasses easily. The prices on so many of their glasses are so low that getting a throwaway pair or a pair you don’t like is not an issue at all. The glasses are decent quality and my prescription was correct, so you can definitely use them every day if you want, but you may choose to upgrade once you’ve found a style you like.

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