Zenni Optical Review – How Good Are the Glasses?

I was recently in need of a new pair of glasses because my old ones got damaged. Usually I just get my glasses from the eye doctor, but a couple months ago a friend of mine also got a new pair from Zenni Optical. He only had good things to say, so I decided to take a chance and buy my glasses online. This Zenni Optical review isn’t sponsored – I paid for the glasses with my own money and wanted to let you know how it went.


I got two frames, one of the cheapest at $6.95 and one of the more expensive frames at $25.95. Most of their frames are plastic, which is good if you like lighter glasses, but which can make them seem a little flimsy if you’re used to heavier frames. 

Zenni Optical has a feature where you can upload a picture of yourself to see how the glasses will look, and it’s important to have your pupillary distance handy for this to work. (You’ll probably need to ask specifically at your eye doctor for this.) I tried several different frames on the picture of myself to find ones that looked good, and I’m very happy with both of the ones I chose.


Zenni Optical offers both prescription and non-prescription glasses, in case you’re looking for sunglasses or blue light blocking glasses but don’t need a prescription. Setting your prescription is very simple and just takes a few steps. 

They have several add-ons available such as photochromic and impact resistant options, but I just chose the standard anti-glare at $4.95. The sunglasses options get pretty expensive, but everything else was more than reasonable. I put in my prescription and PD and had my glasses ready to order in just a few steps!


I needed my new glasses pretty urgently, so I paid more for expedited shipping, which was 3-5 business days. I ordered the glasses on a Thursday and got them on the following Wednesday, which I thought was pretty good. 

Each pair came in a hard plastic case, with the glasses themselves wrapped in a cleaning cloth so that they wouldn’t get scratched. I definitely appreciated the obvious care taken with the glasses to make sure there were no damages! 

I ended up ordering a third pair with standard shipping and those arrived in just over two weeks.

Final Zenni Optical Review

Overall, I was really pleased with my glasses from Zenni Optical. I was nervous at first because of the risks of buying online, but I was pleasantly surprised. 

The one thing is that on my cheaper pair, one of the hinges has gotten a little loose over time. Other than that, they’ve held up very well and I’m very satisfied. Both pairs fit well and very snugly, so there’s no danger of them falling or shaking off.  

I would definitely recommend Zenni Optical if you’re looking for a good pair of glasses at a reasonable price.

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