Warby Parker Review – Are They the Best of Both Worlds?

Buying just about anything online can be risky. After all, you can’t see it for yourself or try it on. Buying glasses especially can be a hassle, since you’re not sure about the quality of the product you’re getting.

I was really happy to find Warby Parker when searching for new glasses recently, as they have all the convenience of an online store, but they also send you the product and let you try it on before buying. For the record, this Warby Parker review isn’t sponsored and everything is my honest opinion.

Picking Out the Frames

Warby Parker doesn’t have as large a variety of frames as some of the other online stores I looked at, but I didn’t really mind because I have fairly simple tastes. I wasn’t looking for anything over the top, so I was happy to pick out my five pairs from their smaller Home Try-On selection.

I decided to get a little adventurous and picked out some clear frames in addition to my normal darker choices, since I really had nothing to lose when selecting the Try-On glasses. When selecting the Try-On frames, you don’t set your prescription or lenses choices until after you receive and choose the glasses.

My One-Week Home Try-On

I got my Try-On box within about a week, and from the time they were delivered I had five days to test them all out. Surprisingly, I ended up loving the clear frames the most, as did most of the people I asked for opinions, but I also chose a pair of more reserved brown frames for the days I was feeling less extroverted.

The best thing about having the Try-On box was alleviating the online shopping fear of the product not being what it seems like. Two of the pairs of glasses I had been totally certain would look great on me, but I ended up liking them a lot less in person. 

Buying the Actual Glasses

When checking out, Warby Parker doesn’t pile on the upsells like some sites do, although their glasses are more expensive in the first place. Sending in my prescription after I had sent back the test glasses was fairly simple, and within two weeks I had my own glasses. The glasses themselves are plastic and very lightweight. Each pair came with a very nice case and a cleaning cloth.

Final Warby Parker Review

The thing about Warby Parker is that, although they’re much cheaper than buying glasses from the doctor or from a name brand, they’re still much more expensive than most other online stores. I ended up paying close to $250 for both of my pairs with minimal add-ons.

Overall, I would say I’m happy with my purchase, but I’m likely to go with a cheaper website for my next pair of glasses. I definitely won’t downplay how helpful it was to try the glasses on before buying them, but I’m willing to take that risk to save as much as $70 a pair next time.

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